Constitution of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Councils for the Judiciary

  According to the charter the aims and objectives of the network is to improve cooperation among its members with the organisation of conferences, workshops, professional visits, distribution of questionnaires and co-ordinating researches. The international network shall operate with an elected president, a secretariat and a board consisting of five representatives from the members of the network. The officers were elected by the Plenary of Tirana in 2015. At the same time the seat of the secretariat was also appointed.

  The cooperation of the regulatory judiciary authorities of the Balkan areas started in 2006. The members have discussed the professional, integrity and administrative transitions during the annual conferences laying emphasis on the exchange of good practices.

  The demand for the foundation of a formal network in lieu of informal meetings rose last year, resulting in the formation of a constitutive working group. The body consisting of representatives of five countries drafted the charter of the network on 19-20 March 2014 in Budapest at the Hungarian Academy of Justice with the aim of adopting it during the 2014 conference. The event organised by the National Office for the Judiciary with the contribution of the National Judicial Council was successful, as the working group drafted a coherent charter for the formalisation of the cooperation, which was accepted by all members.

  The Constitutive General Assembly of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Councils for the Judiciary was held with the participation of the National Office for the Judiciary and the National Judicial Council of Hungary. The charter of the network was signed by representatives of the judiciary of Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey on the ceremony held at the 9th Conference on 12-13 May 2014 in Bucharest.